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born in san mateo , california. raised in almaden. while a scout on jamboree in morgan hill in 1974, he gave first aid in the middle of the night to a brand new scout who had been bitten in the night by what turned out to be a rabid skunk, thus setting off the Bay Area rabies outbreak. he selflessly returned to the boys camp the next day and made sure they knew how to cook and clean their pots, maintain their campgrounds. jim later recieved national attention for his acts and took the rabies vaccine. he went on to get his Eagle rank only after being a JASM in the TLDC leadership training course three years running. jim distinguished himself in later years by saving a man in 1998 in costa mesa, california, when he had a heart attack in the excercise class both were taking. the man lived after jim and a helper administered cpr until the fire department arrived to administer more advanced lifesaving techniques. the man survived and went home less than a week later due to jim's quick action and the speedy response of others around him. jim is a occupational therapist in california and regularly treats those with disabilities and injuries , using meaningful and purposeful activities and selected excercise to restore function and adapt to the disability. jim has never forgotten what it means to be an Eagle and that he wishes that all scouts would stick it out to become one. it is well worth the effort, and looking back at the requirements he realizes what an impact it has had on his life . it is well worth striving for, for you will never know when you will have to do what is needed. to be an eagle is among the neatest things jim has ever done in his life.


Ferdinand Tretter


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