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Jeremy Hurst has worked hard to receive this award, as well as many others. In January of 1998 he completed his Ordeal and became a member of "The Boy Scouts National Honor Society," The Order of The Arrow. There he does every thing he can to help out in one of the oldest chapters around, Tomoka Chapter, from the Tipisa Lodge #326, which is currently led by Mr. Roger Lee Tiffany, Advisor, and Scott Pio, Chapter Chief. Out side of being active in the OA and working a part time job at Wendy's, Jeremy manages to live up to the scout oath and follow what he told the Eagle Board that night of December 18, 2001, He manages to stay as active as possible with the troop. Troop 436 will truly miss the Youth Leadership of this tremendous young lad, but will look forward to the Adult leadership he will be able to give in September, as he turns 18, August 30.


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