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Jason, an academic scholar, received the Arrow of Light as a cub scout. He held positions of Quarter-master,Den Cheif, and Troop Guide. He has performed over a thousand hours of community service to others during his tenure as a scout. His Eagle Project took place on the battleship New Jersey were he performed over two hundred service hours fixing dammaged stations, restoring communication equipment and had the pleasure of being able to paint the inside of the battleship's number two 16 inch guns. He is now a permanent restoration crewmember. In addition, he took on the study to become a naval battleship tour docent and graduated. At 15 years old, he may possibly be the youngest naval docent in the USA. He has over 35 merit badges and is eligible for gold palms. He has received numerous awards including a special commendation from the state of New Jersey and Camden county for his work on the battleship. He is curently a registered venturer and is considering a leadership position in that crew as well. At this time, Jason aspires to attend USCG Academy and will be applying to their summer AIM program. Recently Jason received a special commendation and recommendation for the Young American Award by his towns fire marshall for his volunteer work as a co-coordinator for the town's firemans youth week.


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