Is It Time Leaning Version


Is It Time Leaning Version


no props needed


4+ scouts stand in a line facing the audience. Each scout has left hand on his hip, and his right elbow rests on the shoulder of the scout to his right


The scout at one end asks the scout next to him, "Is it time yet?" Each scout repeats this to the scout next to him, all the way down the line. When it gets to the last scout, he replies, "No," which is then repeated all the way back to the first scout. The first scout asks, "Is it time yet?" again, this time more exasperated. Each scout repeats the question down the line, hamming it up. (You can do this 2 or three times, depending on how many scouts are in the line.) When the question reaches the last scout, he says an enthusiastic, "Yes!" All scouts reverse their position, now with their hands on their right hips, and their left elbow on the scout to their left.


John Dacey


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