Invisible Blanket Jumper


Invisible Blanket Jumper


no props required


Need at least four participants This skit takes place in two parts, so should be scheduled with a short song or other skit from another group between the two parts.


Part 1: Group forms a circle and the leader explains to the audience that they're training for the Olympics in the category of Invisible Blanket Jumping. The jumper, Og, is also invisible. The circle lets Og enter the blanket. They grip the blanket, and the leader gives encouragement to the group as they throw Og up in the air. All members "follow" Og's flight through the air, up and back. The first jump is good, lasting a second or so. The second jump lasts a few seconds. The third jump, as the leader encourages the group to really try, lasts maybe about ten seconds. The leader exhorts the group to really try hard, and they throw Og with all of their might. Everyone cranes their necks upward, watching, watching, and then they drop the blanket and walk off. Part 2: Immediately after another skit/song, all participants run back to the performance area, making a lot of frenzied noise, pick up the blanket, yelling and screaming, "Here he comes!" They catch Og, and congratulate each other on a new team record.


John Dacey


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