I'm a Little Coconut


I'm a Little Coconut


I'm a little coconut sitting on my coco-bum everybody steps on me just to see how cracked I'll be (chorus) I'm a nut BOOM-BOOM I'm a nut BOOM-BOOM I'm a nut I'm a nut I'm crazy Called myself up on the phone Just to see if I was home asked myself out on a date gotta be ready by half past eight Chorus Took myself to the picture show sat myself in the second row wrapped my arms around my waist got so fresh I slapped my face Chorus I'm an old pile of tin no one knows what shape I'm in Got four wheels and a running board I'm a Chevy not Ford! Chorus Pepsi Cola came to town Coca-Cola shot him down Dr. Pepper fixed him up Now we all drink 7UP Chorus 7UP caught the flu now we all drink Mountain Dew Chorus Mountain Dew caught it too now we don't know what to do Chorus

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