Ice Cream Shop


Ice Cream Shop


Three Scouts (If you don't have the following props, you may improvise) Ice Cream Cone Bench Two Pieces of Paper


Scout 1 is the owner of an ice cream shop. Scouts 2 and 3 are the customers. The bench should be placed in the middle of the stage. The first customer is holding the pieces of paper (symbolizing money) to begin.


Owner: (looking down at the bench) I'm almost out of chocolate ice cream. Customer 1: Hi, how are you? Owner: Fine, thanks. Would you like an ice cream cone? Customer 1: Oh sure! Can I have chocolate? Owner: Wow, you're lucky. I only have enough for one more cone! (he pretends to make the ice cream and gives the cone to him when finished) Two dollars, please. Customer 1: (gives two pieces of paper to the owner) Thank you! (leaves) Owner: Come again! Customer 2: (walks in about ten seconds later) Ooh! Ice cream! Owner: Welcome, would you like an ice cream cone? Customer 2: Boy, would I! Owner: What flavor? Customer 2: Chocolate! Owner: I'm sorry, we're all out. Customer 2: Really? Owner: Yes, I'm sorry. You'll have to pick something else. Customer 2: that case, chocolate! Owner: (a little annoyed) I told you already! We're all out! Customer 2: I'm sorry. Owner: Pick another flavor. Customer 2: Chocolate, please! Owner: (sighs) Okay, here's what I want you to do. Repeat after me. Customer 2: Okay. Owner: Van as in Vanilla. Customer 2: Van as in Vanilla. Owner: Straw as in Strawberry. Customer: 2: Straw as in Strawberry. Owner: Rain as in Rainbow. Customer 2: Rain as in Rainbow. Owner: Stink as in chocolate. Customer 2: (pauses) Wait a minute...There ain't no Stink in Chocolate! Owner: That's what I've been trying to tell you!


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