Ice Cream in a bag


Ice Cream in a bag


Bag of cubed ice (not crushed) Box of Rock Salt Heavey whipping cream Sugar Vanilla extract


One gallon heavy Duty Zip and Lock bags One quart heavey duty zip and lock bags


Pour One cup of heavey cream, 2TBS sugar and one teaspoon vanilla extract into Small zip lock. Mush bag to mix. Fill large zip lock half full of Cubed ice and 2 TBS rock salt. Add small bag on top of ice pile and frill bag the rest of the way with ice and rock salt. Shake for about 10 minutes. Ice cream will form in the small bag.


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This is very easy and fun. The kids think its a practical miricule. When up camping, just bring a cooler full of ice. How nice to be able to have ice cream where there is no freezer!


Ferdinand Tretter


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