Hunting Thanksgiving Dinner


Hunting Thanksgiving Dinner


"Bushes" made from poster board, pizza boxes (one for each Scout), and costumes as Indians or Pilgrims or both.


Prepare as many 'bushes' as you have scouts; place them to one side of the stage or campfire. Hide the pizza boxes behind the bushes. Most local Pizza Shops will donate the empty boxes.


The first Scout comes out and walks around 'stalking' something (think Elmer Fudd "hunting wabbits"). The 2nd Scout comes out and asks what he's doing. 1st Scout says shhhh - I'm hunting my favorite thing for Thanksgiving dinner. 2nd Scout asks if he can help. 1st Scout says sure. Both Scouts continue the 'stalking'. (Continue with Scouts 3 etc coming out till all the boys in the skit are hunting Thanksgiving Dinner.) After all boys are stalking, 1st Scout stops suddenly, points to the bushes and shouts I found it! All the Scouts then race to the bushes and pull out the pizza boxes.


Ferdinand Tretter


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