How To Store A Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag Storage

How To Store A Sleeping Bag

Properly storing your sleeping bag between uses will greatly extend the life of your bag and ensure it maintains its warmth rating for many years to come.


Sleeping bags stored in compression sacks will lose their "loft" - the space between the fill fibers which gives a sleeping bag its warmth.

To get the most out of your sleeping bag, it should be stored in one of the following ways.

  • Store the bag lying unrolled and flat on a shelf
  • Store the bag by hanging it from the foot loops sewn into the end of most bags
  • Store the bag by stuffing it loosely into a large stuff sack
  • The bag should only be rolled tightly into its compression sack when you are on a trip. Following these tips will greatly increase the life expectancy of your bag, and keep you warm for years to come!


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Sleeping Bag Storage

Sleeping Bag Storage Don't store a rolled up sleeping bag. It will lose its loft over time and not be able to hold warmth.


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