Homemade Donunts


Homemade Donunts


Cooking oil (Butter flavor adds more taste)  
Can bisquits  
vanilla flavoring  
powder sugar  


Cooking Pot  
Hot dog fork  
Ziplock bag (paper lunch bags works great too)


Put cooking oil in pan & begin heating it. Put powder sugar and about 2 tablespoons cinnamon into ziploc bag and shake. (add cinnamon to your taste ). Set this bag aside until your donut is cooked. Open bisquits and make a hole in each one. Dip each bisquit into a bowl of vanilla flavoring. Then drop bisquit into hot oil carefully! (oil will pop up so be careful) Using long fork turn donut over so each side cooks evenly. Don't overcook. When donut is cooked take out of oil and drop in sugar/cinnamon mixture. Shake donut well. Take out and place on a paper towel to cool. Eat when ready.  


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Easy to make and everyone loves them. Cinnamon is opitional. May wish to just use sugar. Be creative!


Jeremy Goddard


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