Herman the Tick


Herman the Tick


Down at Boxwell sitting on a tree stump drinking my water! glud!,guld!,guld!.....(Hold hand like holding canteen drinking water) whitling my Walking Stick! Shave!, Shave,! Shave!....(left hand like holding walking stick other moving up and down like shaving it!) WHEN, all of sudden! came "Herman The Tick"! he was that big!......show inch with fingers (for each bit bring hands and arms wider apart to show size) I asked "what happened!, Herman?"!!! "I don't know!, Duaaa!!!..... (Pointing to your head!") "I bit a tiger Cub !!!" "I bit a wolf Cub!" "I bit a Bear Cub!" "I Bit a Webelos Scout!!!" "I Bit Webelos Leader" and then "I Bit the Camp Director"!!!..... for the Camp Director jump up and down throwing your arms apart to show herman blowing Up!.


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Can be used as skit,Can be change to fit your Camp site at any other rank,made up during Webelos Resident Camp at Boxwell Middle Tenn Council


Ernest Schmidt


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