Hawaiian Handclap

Hawaiian Handclap

Hawaiian Handclap


Scouts sit in a circle or line and each receives a number. A 1-2-3 rhythm is established by slapping your legs, clapping, and then snapping, all in unison. Scout #1 calls another scout's number on the snap, and then that scout calls another number on the next snap. The process repeats until a mitsake is made. The scout who messed up moves to the end of the line (or the last position in the circle) and becomes the last number. All the other boys move up in line and receive the next number.


If a scout doesn't respond to his number, responds on the clap or the knee slap, or calls a nonexistent number, he goes to the end and everyone behind him moves up one number.


At the end of the time, the scout in position #1 wins.

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Hawaiian Handclap

Hawaiian Handclap Hawaiian Handclap


Kate Harmer


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