Hard Decision


Hard Decision


Toy sword Wooden club Toy gun 6 scouts


The whole cast walks on stage pretending to think of a skit to do for the audience.


Scout 1:Hey I know, let's do the Oscar Mayer song. You know, "My bologna has a first name, it's...(embarrassed) Scout 2:I don't want to sing, let's do The Flintstones, you know, like, "Hey Barney, those are my fruity pebbles."(Take club and chase someone for a little while.) Scout 3: Man, I don't want to do a play about cereal, let's have some action like....THE LORD OF THE RINGS! (Take out toy sword) KILL THE ORKS! Scout 4:That's a little overrated, lets do something like, Star Wars, you know, like the light savers and the laser guns (Take out toy gun). Scout 5: That's too lame, I was thinking of something like, Mario. (Jump around like Mario). Scout 6: Come on guys, we need to keep this clean. Huddle! All scouts huddle and pretend to talk. Scout 1: After a long and hard decision, we have decided...not to do a skit.


Kenny Armstrong


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