Hair Restorer


Hair Restorer


Hair Spray or other Aerosol, 4 scouts (one Rabbit,2 drivers, and a salesman)


Follow instructions on Aerosol can right before skit begins, but don't spray yet.


One Scout (the rabbit) hops around the stage for a few seconds, and a driver, making car sounds, holding a 'steering wheel' smashes into the rabbit.Then rabbit lays still. The other driver 'drives' near the first driver and asks him what happens. First driver explains and then salesman walks up and tells the two drivers not to be sad. He says "I have a stupendous new product that works-" and produces the spray can then sprays it on the dead rabbit then waits a couple seconds for the rabbit to get up and hop away. The rabbit does so and after each hop he turns his head and waves to the group. He does this until he gets off stage. Then the salesman says " restore dead hare and give it a permanent wave."


Stocker Hank


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