Repeat after me!  
(Audience repeats)  
Gwatatenchew! (Rhymes with Gwat, ought, an chew!)  
(Audience repeats)  
Bodotskideetendaten, gwatatchenchew! (Rhymes with Beau, doe skid eaten dat en)  
(Audience repeats)  
Itskiddleeotendoten, bodotskideetendaten, gwatatenchew! (Rhymes with it, skiddle, eat ote n dote n...)  
(Audience repeats)  
Itenditten little kitten, itskiddleeotendoten, bodotskideetendaten, gwatatenchew!  
Otendotin, little boatin, (then repeat last stanza)  
Ailin-wailin, little sailin, (then repeat!)  
Try making up new verses.  
Itskideleeohendoten, bodought


You don't have to do this, but as an option, alternate clapping hands and slapping knees (like you're singing Boom Chicka Boom) to set up a rhythm.

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This is a great, repeat-after-me song.Just shout out each line (which gets longer and longer each time)until you lose everyone. This song works well in campfire settings with people who don't know the song, and it's great for troops and patrols who memorize the whole thing and can sing it loudly.


The Unknown Scout


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