Grilled Meal


Grilled Meal


bread, meal filling(examples cheese and ham), desert filling(examples cherry or apple pie filling), butter (optional sugar and/or cinnamon to sprinkle on desert)


skillet, spatula (can also use just foil, tongs and either a camp fire or grill too)


Heat skillet to where it will sizzle a bead of water. Have ingrediants set out and ready to go. Butter one side of bread and lay on skillet, on "up side" lay slice of cheese (you can also put precooked bacon or sausage, ham, roast beef, turkey, chicken--good way to use up meats at end of camp too; some kids may just want cheese though); butter another slice of bread, lay it -butter side up- on top of your sandwich; turn the sandwich over and toast the bottom side for just a minute or so. Do the same procedure for desert but in the filling just put a spoonful or two of pie filling. To do these in foil (wich means no cleanup)--use heavy duty foil, butter one side of bread lay it on top of foil-butter side down- keeping foil as flat as possible, add your filling, butter the top slice and lay it so the butter faces out (the butter sides are against the foil on both slices); fold the foil over so it lays flat against the bread and put your seam or fold off the side of the bread; roll or fold the other edges up to the side of the bread--when you're done you should have a flat square on both sides for the most part; lay on grill or fire to toast the sides, you have to watch close as it will cook fast and I've found that using either a grill or a grill assembly over a fire works best for this option)




Easy, fast, hot meal; boys can cook individually or the cooks in a patrol can cook for everyone. I've had one boy swear by this method(foil) of cooking grilled PBJ too. Some people forget that you can grill your toast for breakfast in a skillet or foil like this too.


Fran Stephens


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