Grandfather's Question


Grandfather's Question


When I was about 9 years old, my grandfather called me to his side and asked me a very important question. The question and my answer have stayed with me all my life. He told me there are absolutely only two kinds of people in the world and they are both fools. The first group was and or has at some point in their life, been a fool. They may have been slightly foolish or even a total fool but recognized the problem and at least tried to correct it. The second group and unfortunately a much larger segment of the population, are constantly foolish, seem to be smart as a rock, and do not really care one way or another. They also seem to have to prove they are fools EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THEIR LIFE! Now for my Grandfather’s all-important question… How will you live your life and what group will you belong to? .... Being a Scout, there was no hesitation in my voice or in my answer. That was 40 years ago, I’m still in Scouting, and am an Assistant Scoutmaster now. What do you think my answer was?


Robert Cleary


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