Got Duct Tape


Got Duct Tape


Small table, 3 duck costumes(just a beak will do)


One person is to sit behind the table, the other 3 backstage, the narator is off to the side


person behind table: Fruits, fruits, get your apples, oranges, and peaches here.(repeat for 10 seconds) (three ducks walk in) ducks together:Got any grapes? person behind table: No narator: the next day (do the same thing 2 more times) when the ducks come in the fourth day, the person behind the table is so furious, when the ducks come asking for the grapes he responds person behind table: no, and if you ever come back in here asking for grapes again, i will duct tape your beaks closed. naretor: next day ducks come in asking for duct tape. clerk answers no, so the ducks ask for grapes, and the clerk falls back and faints with his hands on his forehead.


Ferdinand Tretter


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