Golden Syrup Cake


Golden Syrup Cake


Vanilla Cake Mix, Golden Syrup, Cream


Cake tin, Baking Paper, String, Bowl, Spoon, egg ring


Make up the cake mix. Grease the cake tin and then put a big lot of golden syrup into the bottom (this will be the topping) then put in half of the mix and then put in more golden syrup. Put in the remaining cake mix and then more golden syrup. Cover the top of the cake tin with baking paper and then tie down with the string. Place the egg ring in the bottom of the dutch oven, then place the cake tin on it. Fill the bottom of the dutch oven with water. Keep the water boiling. Cook for about an hour or until a knife come out clean. Tip upside down onto a plate. When serving cover in cream.


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It is really sweet.


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