Go Bannanas!


Go Bannanas!


(at BOLD scream) BANNANA LOVERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! form the corn, form form the corn (dito) husk the corn, husk husk the corn (dito) POP THE CORN! POP POP THE CORN! form patato, form form patato (dito) peel potato, peel peel potato (dito) MASHED POTATOS! MASHED MASHED POTATOS! form bannaba, form form bannana (dito) peel bannana, peel peel bannana (dito) GO BANNANAS! GO GO BANNANAS!)


at the 'form' parts, shape your arms above your head like the object. One half the first time (one arm) and the other half when the verse is repeted (other arm) at the 'peel' and 'husk' parts, take away one half of the object (one arm) and then the other half when the verse is repeated (other arm) at the screaming parts, jump up and down and be as crazy as possible!

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Sam Zgombick


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