A backpack for each scout in the skit except for "Sarge". A long bench if available but can be done without. A whistle.


Place backpacks (A.K.A."PARACHUTES) off to the side. One "recruit" is needed to be last and always interupting Sarge saying "But Sarge".


All "recruits" are laying sleeping on the floor when Sarge walks in. Sarge: "OK all you recruits, RISE & SHINE!!!! (blowing a whistle if you have one)" The recruits sleepily stand up when Sarge yells "Fall In!!!" All the recruits line up. Sarge: (in loud voice)"Everyone present?!!!" Recruits answer together"Yes Sir!!!" Sarge: "Spread out for calisthenics !!!!" Sarge:" OK, Jumping Jack....Begin!!!!!' As the recruits begin doing the jumping jacks, Sarge counts off," 1,2,3 OK, Thats good! I don't want to wear you guys out!!!!!" Sarge: " OK, Today you recruits are going to learn how to jump from a plane! Go get a parachute and get on the plane!!!! MOVE IT--MOVE IT--MOVE IT!!" All the recruits run over to the plie of backpacks, pick one up, LOOKS INSIDE, then puts it on, then runs over to Sarge forming a line single file, except for the last recuit. He also picks up a pack like everyone else, looks inside, then with a puzzled look on his face says "BUT SARGE????" in a LOUD and ANNOYING way. Sarge: "NO BUTS RECRUIT!!!! Throw that chute on and get on the plane!!!!" The recruit does as ordered but as he gets in line, says again," BUT SARGE???" Sarge: "Zipped it recruit!!!" Now with the sarge in front, everyone raises their arms like they are airplanes. Sarge says" Here we go!!" And with evryone now making airplane propeller noises, they run once around the room to the bench if you have one. The last recruit says again "BUT SARGE??!!" Sarge replies "Everyone jumps today, NO BUTS!!!". If no bench, everyone just lines up behind Sarge when he stops. If you have a bench, the recruits step up on the bench in single file, Sarge stays on the ground by front of the bench. Sarge: "OK, One at a time, jump from the plane, pull the rip cord and yell GERONIMO!!!" The last recruit again says "BUT SARGE!!!!". Sarge: "NO BUTS!!!! I'm gonna make men outta all of you today!!!!". Then Sarge tells the first recruit to jump. The first recruit jumps, pulls his rip cord, and yells GERONIMO!!! and runs off stage yelling "WEEEEEEEEEEEEE" as he pretends to float down to earth. The rest of the recruits do the same until it's the last recruits turn. The last recruit says again "BUT SARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Sarge now steps up on the bench. Sarge: "Recruit, you're obviously not a real man yet, so give me your chute and >>> I'LL <<< show you how it's done. The recruit takes off his chute and reluctantly hands it over to Sarge. Sarge: "Watch and learn, THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE!!". Sarge now jumps and yells Geronimo AS HE JUMPS FROM THE BENCH. Just as soon as Sarge finishes saying geronimo, the last recruit YELLS down at him, "Sarge, I was just trying to tell you, WE'RE OUT OF PARACHUTES!!"


D. Husser Pack 308


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