German Submarine


German Submarine


Four or more scouts.


All scouts sitting in a row front to back.


The front scout says "Enemy ship sighted." The front scout says "Fire one." The message is passed down to back. When the message reaches the back the back person says "I don't know how." The message is passed up to the front as "He doesn't know how." When the message reaches the front he says "Press the button!" The message is passed to the back. when it reaches the back he says "Which button?" The message is passed back to the front. When it reaches the front he says "The red button!" The message is passed back. The crew watches anxiously for a few moments and then sits back in disappointment and the front says "We missed." Repeat four times increasing the fire number by one each time. After doing that pretend you are hit by a torpedo and from front to back jump out to the side saying "Abandon ship!!" When you get to the back he says "I don't know how."


Benjamin Baker


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