George Washington


George Washington


3 scouts and one scout to act as a leader


A nice, friendly campfire


Open with all scouts sitting in front of Leader Leader: I realize that you all are young and daring but what one of you did earlier today was terrible. I am only going to ask once, Which one of you boys pushed the Latrine of the cliff over there? Scout 1: Not me! Scout 2: I didn't! Scout 3: Don't look at me! Leader: Let me tell you all about a little story about our great president George Washington. Well, His father had a prize cherry tree in his front yard. This tree was magnficent! It bloomed with thousands of cherries every season. One day, when George Washington's father came home, his prize cherry tree was chopped down. Scouts 1,2,3: Huuuhh! Leader: Yes. When George Washington's father asked George Washington "Son, did you chop down my prize cherry tree?" Well, George Washington being as honest as he was looked his father straight in the eye and said "Yes father, I chopped down your cherry tree." And George Washington's father said "Son, because you told me the truth, I am gonna pick all the cherries of that tree and make a big ole cherry pie for you son." Scouts 1,2,3: Wooooow! Leader: Now, I gonna ask you one more time. Which one of you pushed the Latrine over the cliff? Scout 1: I didn't. Scout 2: Nope. Scout 3: [Sheepishly] It was me! Leader [Enraged, grab Scout 3 but the shirt collar] That's it boy! Come on were callin' your parents! Your goin' home! Scout 3: But George Washington got a cherry pie for tellin' the truth! Leader: George Washington's father wasn't in the cherry tree when George Washington cut it down!


Tim Batchelor


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