4 Scouts, 3 chuggers, 1 host. Chuggers may also be audience members who think they have a strong stomach. 1 Half quart serving of powdered milk. 1 Half quart serving of Gatorade Powder. 3 One quart Nalgenes full of water. Watch with timer. One "puke" can for each participant


Mix Gatorade powder and powdered milk and water together in each Nalgene. Have scouts wear something that can be stained.


The object is to be the one to chug the whole Nalgene first. The host should tell the audience about what has been put in the drinks and a story on how it was discovered. Use many big words and funny anecdotes and something that had to do with your last camp out or something. Then the host starts the contest and the timer, telling the crowd to start chanting, either "Chug, chug, chug, etc." or any other form of "chug" i.e. "Chug-a-lug", "Saco... Saco Saco." etc. When the first chugger finishes, he is declared the winner and his time is announced to the crowd and the other two still have to finish their "Gatormilks". The winner will receive a prepared prize, such as a patch or whatever you want it to be.(Food is always a good idea.) You may also want to give participation prizes to the other two.


David Sever and Anthony Hofius


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