Garbage Can Cleanout Service Fundraiser



Offer a neighborhood garbage can cleanout service. Wash down and pressure wash neighbors' city trash cans for a donation of $10-$20 each


Conduct the fundraiser on the first day after garbage is picked up so that the cans are empty.. Send signup forms around ahead of time, and then ask again as you pick up the garbage cans. Load the empty garbage cans on a trailer and take them to the cleaning station. Write the address on a piece of duct tape on each can so you don't mix them up. The troop committee arranges to have pressure washers on hand (many families own them). Suit the boys up with rubber gloves, sponges, and soapy water to wash down the lids, handles, etc. Then pressure wash the inside of each can. Return the clean cans to the homes.

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Date Entered05-Oct-2011

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Great Idea on 05-Oct-2011

This is a great idea. We were able to plan this fundraiser and carry it out in about a 2 weeks time period. Raised several hundred dollars. Thanks Scoutorama!

Perfect! on 05-Oct-2011

Thanks! Just saw this in the newsletter, I've got a committee meeting tonight for our youth group. We'll be doing this one before the end of the month. Thanks, great info!!

Don't Forget Eye Protection on 05-Oct-2011

You might want to add eye protection to that equpt list. Trash cans can hold some nasty germs that will stir up some major eye infections. Swim goggles, safety glasses, something to keep the 'splash back swill' off the face might be wise.

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