Lawn Aerating Fundraiser



Provide spring and/or fall lawn aerating services for homeowners in your community.


Rent power aerators from a local tool rental company.

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Date Entered08-Jan-2007

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Lawn Aerating Fund Raiser on 06-Mar-2010

Just wanted to thank the Boy Scouts for putting me out of business. You've costed me well over $200,000 over the past 7 years. With the drop in the economy I can no longer compete against your illegal business tactics of lawn aeration. Not only are you slaving out 12 year old boys to do manual work labor but you don't pay for the repairs when one of them damages peoples properties.

Out of Business on 05-Oct-2011

Interesting comment above about competing with local fundraising groups. It seems that any time a youth group needs to raise funds, they will be adding some competition to another youth group, business, etc. I've seen several local businesses try a different approach. They partner with local youth groups to benefit both. For example, if I had a lawn care business, I would go visit scout leader trainings in late winter and offer to rent them a few aerators at a reduced cost (write off the reduction on your taxes). Then print up a few hundred "Professional Lawn Care Tips" fliers including the name and contact information for your business, and ask the Scouts to leave them with each lawn they aerate. Maybe even make up some lawn care flags the Scouts can leave that say "Scout lawn care made possible by ACME LAWN CARE" or something like that. This could be an opportunity to increase your publicity and grow your business, all for a few days use of an aerator.

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