Fresh Roasted Corn


Fresh Roasted Corn


Fresh Corn in husks Margarine or Butter Salt and Pepper to taste Water


Empty bin, bucket, or cooler big enough to soak corn String or twine (not plastic or nylon) Tongs Fire


1)Pull back husks (DO NOT REMOVE), and remove all the tassel (hair). 2) put the husk back over the corn 3) Tie string around the ear to keep it closed 4) Place in water, let soak 2-3 hours 5) place on grill over fire. 6) Keep an eye on it, turning frequently. 7) when outer husks start to brown/burn, you're done - pull off and check. If not done, move to the edge of the fire, move the wetter ones into the middle.


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You will not have enough corn. We had 9 guys on a trip, and the picky eater ate five ears. The big hungry guys ate nine or ten each.


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