Formal Color Guard Posting Ceremony


Formal Color Guard Posting Ceremony


*Fall In* *At Close Interval, Dress Right, DRESS* *CARRY, COLORS* *Forward, MARCH* *Colors, HALT* *Colors Reverse, MARCH* *Present, ARMS* (used only if the national anthem) *Order, ARMS* ("") *Colors, POST* (one guard escorts each flag bearer to each flag post and the flag bearers post their flags) *POST* (all resume position that they were at before *Colors, POST*) *Forward, MARCH* *Colors, HALT* *About, FACE* (about face is not a two part movement!!!!) *Colors, Fall Out* or *Colors, Dismissed*


The following ceremony is used by the color guard unit in which I command. Our unit is part of Troop 108, of Salem Oregon. This is for ceremonies involving two flag bearers (the person with the national flag being the commander) and two guards on each side of a single rank/line. Commands or enclosed by *. Most commands have a preparatory command and a execution command. Words in bold like MARCH are the command of execution. To understand these commands find a document online referred to as the "fm 22-5".


For those of your who are former and current military you will notice that this is a US Army standard color guard command list. Though scouts is not a military organization using these commands only allows for a more formal a precise ceremony if the Color Guard has the training/practice. Our color guard unit has done such a great job we have been rated to be as good as some JROTC units in the State of Oregon. We regularly travel around the state of Oregon for ceremony's. We are even asked to drive 3 hours to and 3 hours back to get to a location to preform. If anyone has a questions or comments please email me at Justin Alderman Troop 108 Color Guard Commanding Officer Star Scout

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