Foreigner Restaurant


Foreigner Restaurant


Two chairs and a counter (make believe counter is OK)




Day one, day two and day three, our foreign student seats in a chair in front of a cafeteria counter and orders "coffee and donut". Day after day, next to him sits a boy who orders "breakfast Special" and is served: two eggs, sausage, bisquits, gravy, coffee, and oj.(the waiter serving the items "voices" each item as he serves it) Day after day, as our foreign student leaves the cafeteria he mumbles to himself: "Breakfast special, breakfast special..." On day four, our student approaches the counter mumbling aloud: "breakfast special, breakfast special...". He seats and joyfully, and sort of proudly, in his marked foreign accent announces: "breakfast special!" The waiter, cleaning the counter in front of him stops, looks at the foreing student and matter-of-factly asks: "over easy, scrambled or omelet, toast or biscuit, bacon or sausage?" Our foreign student, dumbfounded, replies: "coffee and donut"


Luis E. Palacios


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