Foil dinner-TeoBurger


Foil dinner-TeoBurger


1/8 - 1/4 ground beef per person  <br>1/2 ear of corn  <br>1/4 onion  <br>1 medium carrot, quartered  <br>Spices (i.e. salt/pepper)


Fire Pit  <br>Adequate wood for coals  <br>Heavy-duty Aluminum foil  <br>Tongs or other equipment to remove packets from coals  <br>Dining implements (plates. cutlery)  <br>salt/pepper  <br>Cups for beverages


Make two patties from ground beef, each will be a "sandwich cover" for the other ingredients.  <br>  <br>Place corn and carrots and/or onion betwen the between patties (OK if overflow).  <br>  <br>QUADRUPLE wrap in heavy-duty foil.  <br>  <br>Place in campfire COALS (a little flame is OK) for 15 minutes, then turn over for another 15 minutes.  <br>  <br>Remove from fire with tongs.  <br>  <br>Unwrap (carefully) or slice packet open.  <br>  <br>Enjoy, with any spices (e.g. salt/pepper)!  <br>  <br>Drink beverage.  <br>  <br>Pack out foil and other waste.  <br>


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Prepare ahead for first night's dinner. Can hold over, with [dry] ice chest to second night.  <br>  <br>>recipe offers several opportunuties for planning, executing and cleaning work for meals<


Matteo Candelaria


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