Fisherman's Line

Fisherman's Line

Fisherman's Line


Each group will need a staff (the wooden stick, not the person), three lengths of rope, a slightly thicker length of rope, and an S-shaped hook.


6-person relay: Scout 1 (Sorry, I haven't quite got all of their names down yet, so I will use numbers) will take the staff (again, a stick) and sit on a chair or rock, and hold it like a fishing pole. Scout 2 (holding the thicker piece of rope) will run up the ~20 feet, and tie the rope onto the stick, then run back to tag off the next person. Scout 3 (holding a regular length of line) will run up and tie his length of rope on to the other one. Scout 4 (call him Johnny if you really want) will run up and tie his line on. Then scout 5 (holding a broken end) will run up and tie it on, using the appropriate knot that a fisherman would use. Scout six will run up and tie the hook on.


The first group done that did everything properly wins. Scout 2 should have used a clove hitch, scout 3 a sheet bend (two ropes of uneven thickness), scout 4 a sheet bend (joining two ropes of even thickness), scout 5 a fisherman's knot, and scout 6 a bowline (if the loop is in the right place, it won's slip off).

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Fisherman's Line

Fisherman's Line Fisherman's Line


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