Firing Squad


Firing Squad




4 scouts in a line - to be executed 3-5 scouts in a line opposite, acting as the Firing Squad No props needed


The firing squad marches the prisoners to a spot to be executed. They line up the prisoners and ask the 1st prisoner if he have any last requests. The prisoner replies no. The firing squad then follws the commands that are announced, "Ready...Aim..." At this point the 1st prisoner points behind the squad and yells "hurricane!" The firing squad turns away to look and the 1st prisoner runs away. This scenario continues with the 2nd prisoner using "Tornado" and the 3rd prisoner using "Flood" (you can add more scouts as needed.) Finally, the last prisoner faces the firing squad. The firing squad announces, "Ready...Aim..." and the last prisoner points behind the squad and yells "Fire!" at which time the squad shoots the prisoner.


Ferdinand Tretter


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