Engine Trouble


Engine Trouble


Pan and something to beat it with (makes a good noise). Chairs.


Set the chairs up like in an airplane. Put your scouts in them. Put the sound effects guy out of the way. Make a pilot sit in front without anyone else.


Pilot: Welcome passengers. We have now departed and should be arriving in our destination in about 4 hours. *hit pan or other big crash noise* *scouts look around confused* Pilot: I regret to inform you that we have lost engine number 1. Don't worry, because this is a four engine plane. We can still make our journey, but it will take 8 hours. *scouts complain and then finally get used to it* *sound effect* *scouts look around confused* Pilot: Uhhh... I have a bit of bad news. We have just lost engine 2. We can still make our journey, but it will now take us 16 hours. *scouts start complaining more, but learn to deal with it* *sound effect* Pilot: (sighs) Folks, we just lost engine number 3. Don't panic though, we can still make it even if we do have four engines, so it will work. But... it is going to take 20 hours. *scouts complain a lot and do not stop* *sound effect* Pilot (in a panicky voice): Uhhhh.... We, uhhh, just lost engine number four... (interrupting) Passenger: Great! Now we are going to be stuck up here all day!


Justin Hutchings


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