Energy Saver


Energy Saver


Six Scouts in uniform,One den leader in uniform.


Den meeting place,decorated as desired.Den leader sits at a table. As skit opens,all Scouts arrive together and sit down.


Den Leader: Today,let's take turns and tell how we can help to conserve energy in our homes. Scout 1: I know a good way. My mom doesn't use her clothes dryer as much as she used to. She uses a new solar enery device called a clothesline and hangs her laundry outside to dry in the sunshine. Scout 2: My dad said that if we filled a plastic bottle with water and put it in the tank in the bathroom, it would cut down on the amount of water used for flushing. Scout 3: Did you know that if you take showers you use a lot less water than if you take baths? Mom even uses a timer,and we have learned to take 3-minute showers at our house. Scout 6:(Starts to slowly fall asleep.) Scout 4: We keep the drapes closed on summer days and keep them open for light and warmth in the winter. Scout 5: we keep the damper in our fireplace closed whenever we aren't using it. If it's left open in the winter,the warm air in the house escapes up the chimney and that's a waste. Scout 6: (Is now completely asleep) Den Leader: Johnny,do you have anything to add about saving energy? (She turns to see that he is fast asleep.) I guess Johnny is the best energy saver of us all.


Ferdinand Tretter


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