Eight First Aid Problems

Eight First Aid Problems

Eight First Aid Problems


Have the scouts explain the proper method to help these people. Problem A: A kid riding a bike gets hit by a car. A cut on his left forearm severs an artery and he has a simple fracture on his right leg. Problem B: A driver speeding on a country road has a tire blow out. He smashes into a pole. He gets a simple fracture on his right forearm and a gash on the shoulder, causing arterial bleeding. Problem C: A patrol of scouts are hiking and find an electrical repairman lying unconscious near a transformer pole. Both of his hands are burned and he's not breathing. Problem D: A bunch of boys go swimming in a pond. One jumps off a rock ledge and doesn't surface. The other boys pull him out and notice that he's not breathing and a gash on his forehead is bleeding a lot. Problem E: A kid is riding his bike and a dog bites his right ankle. The boy swerves and falls on the road, lacerating a large area of his left elbow which gets really dirty. His left wrist is swollen and hurts. Problem F: A man is stuck under a pickup truck that overturned on the side of the road. Over his right eye is a cut that spurts blood and his right ankle is swelling rapidly. Problem G: It's a really hot day and a bunch of boys are sitting on a fence, watching a parade. One of the less-coordinated ones falls off the fence. His face is flushed, hot, and dry. His pulse is way fast and his left ear is bleeding. Problem H: It's a really cold day and an unconscious old man is found lying behind a train shed. He probably slipped off the train tracks and hit his head. He's got a five-inch gash on the side of his head that's bleeding profusely. His face is cold and his ears are pale.

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Eight First Aid Problems

Eight First Aid Problems Eight First Aid Problems


Kate Harmer


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