Rye Bread Block of Cheddar Cheese Eggs (1-2 Dozen)


Stove Large Frying Pan Knife Cutting Board Spatula Tin Foil


1. Cut crust off rye bread. Then cut slices into pieces no bigger than 1” X 1”. 2. Place pieces flat and cover entire bottom of the frying pan. Pieces can be stacked to max of two pieces high. 3. Slice cheddar cheese block into ¼” thick strips. Then cut strips into 3 or 4 pieces. Layer on top of rye bread one piece of cheese high. 4. Beat eggs in a bowl. Then pour into pan filling all space between the bread and cheese, with a thin coating over the cheese. 5. Cover frying pan with tin foil and place on stove to cook. When the egg in the bottom of the pan has cooked, flip over and cook the other side. 6. Remove from pan and serve once the cheese has melted and egg is cooked on the other side.


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This is a camp favourite


Matt (Trevor Jones) Barrett


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