Echo Skit Redux


Echo Skit Redux


2 Scouts


Do Echo Skit, and read this a couple times


Scout 1: (Insert Scout 2’s real name here), let me show you how to do the Echo Skit. Whenever I put my hands up to my mouth, you repeat what I say. Action! Did you know this place has a great echo? Scout 2: No, I had no idea! Scout 1: Yeah, watch this. (Puts hands up to mouth) Tomato! Scout 2: Tomato Scout 1, giggling: “I’m an idiot!” Scout 2: (Raises eyebrows and looks at audience disgustedly) Scout 1: Say Something! “I’m an idiot!” Scout 2: Something! Scout 1: No! Repeat what I say – I’m an idiot! Scout 2: Well, if you didn’t go around shouting that, then no one would have to know. Scout 1: No, you Say I’m an Idiot! “I’m an idiot!” Scout 2: That wasn’t my idea, that’s just what I've heard!


The Unknown Scout


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