Dutch Oven Sausage & Egg Breakfast


Dutch Oven Sausage & Egg Breakfast


1 Bell Pepper diced 1 Medium Onion diced 1 1/2 doz. eggs or a carton of egg mixture 1 lb of sausage salt and pepper to taste.


Dutch oven, spoon, knife


Break up sausage into bite sized chuncks. Brown in medium hot dutch oven with coals underneath only. You don't need to put the lid on. Stir softly and occasionally as the brown being careful not to break them apart. Before they are completely done add the bell pepper and onion and saute in the sausage juices until onions begin to be translucent. Spoon out excess grease and add scrambled eggs. Slowly fold over until set too desired firmness.


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Serve as is or with your favorite salsa. It's simple but they'll come back for more.


Dane Bradshaw


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