Dutch Oven Enchiladas


Dutch Oven Enchiladas


 <br>  <br>1 1/2# ground beef  <br>1 small onion,chopped(optional)  <br>1-18 pack Mission soft taco size flour tortillas  <br>2 large cans Macayo mild enchilada sauce  <br>1 can Cream of Mushroom soup  <br>1/2 can milk  <br>1 can chopped green chilis  <br>1 to 1 1/2# grated cheddar cheese(can use jack, colby,etc.)  <br>1 small can sliced black olives, drained(optional)  <br>8 ounces Sour cream(optional)


#12 dutch oven  <br>can opener  <br>large spoon  <br>pot holder  <br>metal spatula  <br>rubber spatula  <br>teaspoon  <br>cheese grater  <br>french knife  <br>paring knife  <br>cutting board  <br>charcoal briquettes  <br>matches  <br>


Start charcoal briquettes, let get grayish. Place 20 under dutch oven, let get good and hot. Add hamburger,and onions, fry until hamburger browned. Add enchilada sauce, mushroom soup, milk and chilis bring to a boil, stirring until soup is dissolved. In the meantime, grate cheese and wrap about 2 tbsps in each tortilla(you can add the black olives, too). Layer the filled tortillas in the boiling enchilada mixture, making sure to cover each enchilada in the sauce. Cover, add about 10 hot briquettes to dutch oven lid and boil about 20 minutes, or until cheese is melted. Remove from oven, scoop up some of the sauce and hamburger and spread on top of your enchilada, add sour cream and enjoy!


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My Troop's favorite outdoor meal. Very rich and filling. Looks more involved than it is. Can grate cheese before going and store in zip lock bag.  <br>Has won Patrol competition in Specialty cooking. You can also do this in a large frying pan on a campstove if the weather doesn't permit dutch oven cooking. Feeds: 8..(2 per person)


Mary McCarthy


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