dutch oven dump cake


dutch oven dump cake


2 boxes white cake mix 2 medium cans peaches or the canned fruit of your choice. butter


12 inch dutch oven large spoon to stir ingredients


cover inside of dutch oven with a light coat of butter.Pour both boxes of cake mix into oven.Pour both cans of fruit,juice and all into cake mix. Stir ingredients till cake mix is fairly smooth.If fruit does not have enough juice to mix cake mix add water. I like to cut fruit up into smaller pieces while in dutch oven and then mix. put dutch oven lid on and place 6 to 8 charcoal brickets under oven and cover outside edge of lid with brickets and place 4 or 5 in center of lid cook for 45 min. or until you can smell the cake. Use a tooth pick and push it into center of cake When the tooth pick comes out clean the cake is done.A hint is to rotate the oven a 1/4 turn every 15 min. or so and also lid to keep cake from burning. ENJOY


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Phil Sanders


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