There was a little Dutchman Whose name was Dunderbeck. Who specialized in sausages And sauerkraut and spec. He made the finest sausages That ever you did see. Till one day he invented A sausage meat machine. Oh Dunderbeck (2X) How could you be so mean To ever have invented The sausage meat machine? (CHORUS) Now all the rats and pussycats They'll never more be seen. They all turned into sausage meat At Dunderbeck's machine. One day a boy came walkin A walkin in the store. He bought a pound of sausages And he laid them on the floor. The boy began to whistle And he whistled up a tune. And soon the little sausages Went dancin round the room. (Repeat Chorus) One day the darn thing busted. The problem was to know. So Dunderbeck, he climbed inside To see what made it so. His wife she had a nightmare And walkin in her sleep. She gave the crank one heck of a yank And Dunderbeck was meat. (Repeat Chorus)

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This song is similar to Johnny Verbeck but the words are slightly different.


Ferdinand Tretter


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