Dueling Derby


Dueling Derby


1. a Pinewood Derby Car - new kit with wood block (for beginning of skit) 2. a "half-way" made Pinewood derby car (for middle segment of skit) 3. a "finished" Pinewood Derby car (for final moment of skit) 4. Toolbox with various tools 5. Newspaper 6. Sound track of original "Dueling Banjos" song (3:15) from 1972 movie "Deliverance" 7. a good set of speakers or p/a system to amplify the music to audience


1. Have all your props discussed in "Equipment" section ready 2. Look for electrical outlets and/or audio inputs to project the music loudly enough for audience appreciation [this is a 'silent skit' (no words)] so the background music is vital.


Here is the skit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyF2UN2G1Ms I devised this silent skit (no words, just music; I'm the skinny guy on the right) that spotlights the unspoken "Dad" competition, when it comes to the Pinewood Derby. Two competitive Dads receive the Pinewood Derby kits from their very excited kids, then abruptly send them away (with a few dollars as incentive). BEGIN "DUELING BANJOS" SONG. Then the stage is set for the 2 dads - each suspicious of each other about how they will craft the winning car. During the beginning slow part of the song, each dad glares over to the other, trying to learn their opponent's "secrets" of craftsmanship. Then when the song hits its "fast" stride, the scene evolves into the dads building their respective cars in very fast action-mode. At the end of the song, the dads theatrically showcase their final product. What is not audibly heard in the YouTube clip, is the two sons walking up in the very end and saying "Look what ' I ' built !". The applause drowns that out, but it's probably a good idea to keep it in -- so that the kids are still involved. I had a feeling it would go over well, and it was our last skit of the night and it brought the house down. It will with you too. Feel free to steal. Good luck ! Frank Santoro Pack 462 / Troop 434 (3 sons in Scouts) Cradle of Liberty Council, Constellation District




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