Driving Video Game


Driving Video Game


2 chairs, 2 scouts.


Chairs placed side by side with scouts sitting down on the chairs.


Scout 1 acts like he is driving. He starts acting like he is racing through a city and doing crazy stunts. The crazier the better. Scouts 1 and 2 both sway with the motion of the car, make sound effects, and talk/yell/scream about what is going on as scout 1 drives. Scout 2 demands scout 1 let him drive. Scouts 1 and 2 switch places by climbing over the seats acting like they never stop driving the car. Scout 2 acts like he is driving crazy. Scouts 1 and 2 stop all of a sudden. Both sigh. Scout 1 asks scout 2 if he has another quarter.


Philip Gambrell


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