dried, candied orange peels


dried, candied orange peels


6 oranges, water, 1 tablespoon salt, 2 cups sugar


medium pot, 2 bowls, knife, spoon.


1.cut each orange into sixths.  
3.eat inside (yum!)  
4.scrape most of white mebrane off of peel with spoon  
5.put peels in bowl with 4 cups water and 1tbsp. salt, weight down with a plate on top.  
6. leave overnight  
7. rinse  
8. submerge peels in pot full of cold water.  
9. bring to a boil  
11. do step 8  
12. do step 9  
13. do step 10  
14. do step 8  
15. do step 9  
16. do step 10  
17. do step 8  
18. do step 9  
19. do step 10  
20. cut peels into thin strips  
21. put sugar, 1/2 cup water in pan  
22. cook until sugar dissolves  
23. put peels in  
24. slowly heat and stir until peels become translucent. (the outside will be the same color as the white membrane, and they will be curly)  
25. WITH TONGS!!!! roll peels in sugar and put out to dry.  
26. eat (taste like orange gumdrops)


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make these before you leave home.  
many steps, but pretty easy


Dustin Weir


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