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A Christian man married to a loving wife since February of 1975, with two loving daughters, one son-in-law and one great grand daughter. As the years pass, the more and more I realize what scouting really meant. The values and responsibilities that being a Boy Scout and Eagle taught me have helped me throughout my career along with all aspects of my life. I have always listed the fact I was an Eagle Scout on my resume, which has benefited me in ways I will probably never fully know. I have never lost the love for God’s great outdoors and have enjoyed camping all these years, even though we don’t rough it as much. Even without having had a son of my own, we have enjoyed taking our daughters and their friends camping, hoping to instill some of the great values I have cherished. We have friends that have young boys, that also camp with us, that are in Boy Scouts, some that have from time-to-time swayed from reaching the rank of Eagle – I hope that in some small way, I have been able to help those young men see the value of the rank and the accomplishment. I do wish that society had not taken its toll on what Boy Scouts is really about, that the boys and young men would be proud and not ridiculed for wearing their uniforms and being proud of their association. Even through this, I do hope that these boys and young men see the value and continue to participate in Scouts and obtain the rank of Eagle Scout.


Douglas McMahan


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