Advertiser, scout 1, scout 2 , scout 3, couch, large cardboard square with a hole cut in it just large enough for someone's head and arms to be seen through, remote control, bag of Doritos, door with a piece of paper saying: "Wall-Mart".


Set up couch so it faces the "T.V.". Put remote control and Doritos on couch. Put the audiences' chairs between the couch and "T.V.", and make them face inward.


Scouts 1,2,and 3 sit on the couch. scout 1 turns on the t.v. with the remote control. The advertiser says: "Are you listening, all you couch potatoes out there? I want you all to have a fun and active summer, so get up off that couch, and go play outside! Bike, roller blade, play ball! Anything--".(advertiser gets cut off by scout 1, who turns off t.v.) Scout 1: "I'm not a couch potato!" Scout 2: "I am not a couch potato chip!" Scout 3: "I am a couch Dorito!" (All three scouts eat chips after they say their lines). Scout 1 turns on t.v. Advertiser: "We're having a big sale on Doritos today at Wall-Mart. So come get 'em! Scout 2: "More Doritos!" (scouts enter room marked "Wall-Mart") Inside, all scouts say: "I've never felt so active!"


Amira, Eva Samiy, Sandri


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