Donut Shop


Donut Shop


customer 1, customer 2, customer 3, doughnut shop manager, doughnut shop boy, robber


no preperation is needed


doughnut shop boy is eccenteric about being his 1st day at work. the manager says that don't be nervous just because its your 1st day. boss leaves. customer 1 says how much are the donuts? doughnut boy freezes up not nowing what to say. customer 1 leaves with a disappointed look on his face. manager enters with a sign of increasing anger (still being calm but a twitch in smile). manager says " the doughnuts are 15 cents ok" making sure the doughnut boy understands then leaves. will leaving doughnut boy is saying 15 cents repeatedly to himself. customer to walks in and asks how much are the doughnuts. doughnut boy says 15 cents. then customer 2 asks how fresh are they. doughnut boy is silent. customer 2 leaves. manager enters with a big frown on his face waving it back and forth then says your supposed to say fresh, fresh, fresh. then leaves. customer 3 enters walks up to doughnut boy and asks how much are the doughnuts he says 15 cents how fresh are they he says fresh, fresh, fresh, then asks should i buy 1 now or later. doughnut boy is silent.manager walks in talking to himself saying what he ever saw in the boy and says your supposed to say better do it now before someone else does. boss leaves. robber walks in and asks how much money do you have in there (pointing to the cash register). doughnut boy says 15 cents. robber says are you being fresh with me with increasing hostility. boy says fresh, fresh, fresh. robber says should i kill you now or later. boy says better do it now before somelse does. robber walks up to him and kills him. The end


The Unknown Scout


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