Funny Scouts


6 scouts, preferably 2 with southern accents


4 scouts enter the campfire area, like they are in a car and one is driving. When they get to the center of the area, they all fall out, like they crashed. have all of them land in one area, while the 4th is away from the group. Have the 2 remaining scouts enter the crash scene (They are imitating southern cops, so that's where the accents come in.) Scout 1: well we got a crash Scout 2: we better mark where these people landed. they walk over to the first person in the group of 3 Scout 1: this one is in the ditch Scout 2: ok (writes on imagary notepad) D-I-T-C-H, ditch. They do this for the other 2 scouts in the group. then they walk to the one scout farther than the others. Scout 1: this one is in the boulevard Scout 2: ok (writes in his imaginary notebook) B-A-0, no no no, B-U-Q, no no no He kicks the scout over into the ditch with the others Scout 2: D-I-T-C-H, ditch


Joshua Pierce


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