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Official Pinewood Derby <sup>®</sup> Handbook
What Others are Saying...

"This was our first Pinewood Derby ®. My son is 6 yrs old and is enjoying his Tiger Cub experience. [His] car placed 2nd in his Tiger Cub den group and placed 2nd in the overall pack championship. He also received the "Judges Favorite Car" Award.

NOTE: The 1st place Tiger Cub car, which beat our car 4 out of 5 races in head to head competition, did not place well in the final rounds due to wheel axle malfunction. It was a good tip to glue the axles into the body!

The Derby project gave my son and I a reason to work in the garage shop together. He did quite a bit of sanding and learned about the different grits and what they are used for. He also enjoyed spray painting the car and putting the Nascar decals and numbers on for the final touches. (The sharpie pen was a great tool when doing the finer detailing). I did all the cutting and major shaping as well as placing the wheels and axles.

After the race, my son was very proud of his accomplishments and has been playing with his car ever since. All in all a wonderful experience and event." - J. Grupalo

"We followed several tips in the book in terms of weight placement. My son ended up in second place-thanks for the information!" - P. McCorkle

"We thought the book was great! The tips and tricks definitely helped us in building our first of many Pinewood Derby ® racers. " - D. Parente

"Of all the guidance I looked at on line yours was the most helpful thru the whole process. Look forward to doing it next year." - D. Grimes

"A bargain at twice the price!" - H. Eliason

Table of Contents's Official Handbook 5
     Purpose 5
     All Skill Levels 5
     Fun experience 5
  Overview 6
     Using this Book 6
     Derby 101 6
     How much should the child do? 6
     Pinewood Derby ®, Shape N Race Derby, Kub Kar Rally, Awana Grand Prix, and more 6
  Step 1: Plan 7
   Know the Rules 7
     Official Rules 7
   Sufficient Time 7
   Fast-Running or Good-Looking? 7
  Step 2: Build the Car 9
   Sketch the Shape 9
     Boundaries 9
     Sketching the Shape 9
     Where to Get Ideas 9
   Rough-saw the Derby Block 9
   Complete the Final Shaping 10
   Awesome Car Tips 10
     Wide Body Designs - Glue-ups 10
     Low-riders 11
     Saw the Car Apart 11
     Gattling Guns 11
     Spoilers 11
     Height 11
     Accessorize 11
     Don't Forget Top Profiles 12
     Antennas 12
   Performance Tips 12
     Plan for Weight Placement 12
     Principles of Aerodynamics 12
     Wheel Placement 12
     Avoid Tread Contact 12
     Starting Gate Secrets 13
  Step 3: Finish the Car 14
   Sand the Car 14
   Paint the Car 14
     Brush or Spray? 14
     Holding the Car 14
     Sanding Between Coats 14
   Attach Decals 14
   Apply Finish 14
  Step 4: Prepare Wheels and Axles 16
   Discuss the Six Points of Friction 16
     1) Between Axles and Wheels 16
     2) Between Wheels and Side of Car 16
     3) Between the Car and the Air 16
     4) Between the Wheel Tread and the Track Surface 16
     5) Between the Inside of the Wheels and the Track's Center Guide 16
     6) Between the Car Bottom and the Track's Center Guide 16
   Modify the Wheels 16
     Tread Surface 16
     3 Wheels on the Track 17
     Thicker vs. Thinner 18
     Inside Tread Edge 18
     Polish the Wheels 18
   Modify the Axles 18
     How Axles are Made 18
     Axle Head 19
     True Up The Axle 19
     Notches and Grooves 19
     Polishing 19
  Step 5: Performance Tuning 20
   Add the Weight 20
     Finding a Scale 20
     Preparing for Weights 20
     Materials 20
     Adding Weight 21
   Apply Lubrication 21
     Materials 21
     How To Lubricate 21
   Attach Wheels and Axles 21
     Checking & Pre-Drilling Slots 22
     Drilling New Holes 22
     Distance From Car Body 22
     Glue the Axles In? 23
     Wheel & Axle Spin Test 23
   Test the Alignment 23
     Troubleshooting Alignment Problems 23
  Step 6: Race Day 24
     Final Lubrication 24
     First Run 24
     Reading the Track 24
     Car Handling Rules 24
  Appendix: About Derby Tracks 25
   How it Works 25
   Lane Anatomy 25
   Differences 25
     Materials 25
     Lengths 25
     Condition 26
  Appendix: Tools 27
   Building the Car Body 27
     Basic 27
     Advanced 27
  Tuning Wheels & Axles 27
     Basic 27
     Advanced 27
   Spare Parts 27
   Lubrication and Weights 27
  Appendix: Procrastinator's Short Cuts 28
     Weight 28
     Wheels 28
     Lubrication 28
  Appendix: Derby 101 29
   The Cars 29
     Rules 29
   The Race 29
     Check-In 29
     Racing 29
     Awards 29